Group Riding

As a beginning rider, you may find it intimidating to ride in a group and that is completely understandable. As you gain more experience on your motorcycle, you will know how it feels in corners, on straight aways, braking and accelerating. As your confidence grows you may wish to ride in a group ride with us. We have folks that don't like to ride more than 4-5 bikes in a group and others, size doesn't matter! So there will be options available to you for a smaller group or larger or anywhere in between. The main thing is you come out, have some fun and get to know us and we you.

Our chapter has put together some riding guidelines for group riding, we hope you will find them useful wether riding as a group with us or with your friends or a charity ride.

Hand Signals Guide

Hand signals are the method of communication between the group riders. Please get to know them! If your Ride Captain has other hand signals he wishes to use he will show and explain them prior to ride departure. You can print this list off if you wish to study it offline, but it is here for reference.
MSF Group Riding Hand Signals

Group Riding - Staggered Formation (2-up)

When riding in a group, it is important to keep your spacing as outlined so a vehicle can not enter the group and possibly cause an accident. It is not uncommon when riding that another motorcycle may join your group and they should take up the proper lane position at the tail of the group.

NO group spot hopping! This means, adopt your position in the group and stay there in your lane at your interval unless a motorcycle leaves the group.

DO NOT forget that you are responsible for yourself when you ride in a group, be aware of your surroundings and try to maintain lane position whenever possible.
Group Riding - Staggered Formation

Group Riding - Single File (1 up)

The Ride Captain may call for a Single File (1-up) group position, this usually occurs to avoid construction, hazards on the road, passing cyclists, passing joggers, etc.

Notice how the time interval does not change, you are in a single file and observe a 2 second interval.

When the obstacle is clear, the Road Captain will indicate a Staggered (2-up) Formation to fall back into.
Group Riding - Single File Formation

Group Riding - Double File (2-up - Parade Formation)

Generally speaking this style of riding is not typical for at speed group riding and is more for parade type events where the speed is slower. Some people are comfortable riding this way in a group at speed, but if you are not, you can observe the staggered position for yourself in the group.
Group Riding - Double File Formation

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